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    Some tips for Thrones of Britannia.

    1: Priests are the most important resource.

    As you level generals and governors, you can recruit 1 follower per level. I recommend recruiting 5 priests before recruiting any other characters. Priests increase the characters loyalty to the King, and also increase the regions allegiance (same as culture in…[Read more]

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    I watched your latest Rise video (33) tonight Lionheart and I have a few observations.

    The victory conditions require 100 late roman spear units and your armies are composed primarily of swords. You will usually win the game with 11 armies in play, so you will need 9/10 spears per…[Read more]

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    In Rome 2, the AI will always advance on you if you have artillery even if you are attacking, allowing you to play defensively.

    Any Hellenistic faction with pikes is great at defence, especially in towns and villages, where narrow streets prevent your forces being out flanked.

    Bactria is a particularly easy Hellenistic faction because they also…[Read more]

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    In my Rise of the Republic campaign I only used Bread and Games at the start for the food bonus. During the majority of the campaign I used Commercial Stimulation Edicts in all provinces except for Sabina, where used the Romanisation Edict so my Aequi swords and sabine skirmishers don’t cost anything to recruit.

    Rebellions are profitable, …[Read more]

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    The family tree in Rise of the Republic.


    1: Have Marcus divorce Albia asap. Then remarry them both immediately. This will create one extra loyal faction member to be the admiral of your fleet (or the 4th general when you make (Imperium lv2).

    2: When characters get married they receive a trait concerning their husband/wife. When they…[Read more]

  • ?Total War Community Academy

    Give each region an economic focus. Lets say a region has olives. Focus on buildings that increase agricultural income, in rise of the republic for Rome that would be a Slave Trader, and Amphora Maker, Alter of Ceres (Temple), pastures and farms. Since the slaver trader increases mining income you could add Trench mines instead of farms if you…[Read more]

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