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Corporate Sports


August 16, 1996




Corporate Sports provides customized programs to promote holistic wellness and CSR-related events that assist organizations regardless of size, whether private or public, in aid of their efforts to achieve sustainable development and well-being.

We are committed to creating a positive and enjoyable workplace. Our aim is to unleash potential to increase performance, speed up the process and improve the productivity, engagement, and the health of employees.

Our employees are empowered to make informed decisions about their health to their professional and personal benefit. Our services help create an environment of productivity and health within the workplace.

Companies can benefit from our year-round calendar of sport and wellness activities.

Research across industries has proven that a healthy workplace results in a more active and productive workforce. Additionally, it has shown that wellness programs for corporate employees can provide many benefits.

Engagement and motivation of employees are enhanced

Health and wellness of employees are more favorable

Greater organizational performance and higher productivity

Companies can save substantial amounts on medical expenses

Brand recognition and loyalty are essential.

A greater degree of adaptation is essential to living a sustainable life.

Corporate Sports

U Bora Towers – Commercial Tower – Office 801 – Business Bay – Dubai – United Arab Emirates



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