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    ?Why Social Data

    In many organizations, marketers have been the first movers in social media, tapping it for insights on how customers think and behave. For many insights professionals, social data has been met with some skepticism due to representativity, accuracy and bias.

    It has also been increasingly difficult to get insights from social data. A large volume of the data is always Twitter data, and the platforms used to analyse the data do nothing in the way to help you analyze this data in a meaningful way.

    Painful past experiences, and a lack of knowledge on the best way to analyze social data has stopped many organizations from taking social listening seriously and fully embracing it as a research method. We have tried and tested ways of working, we don’t have time or budget to test new approaches when the business questions we are answering are complex and critical.

    Many market researchers do not have the understanding of social listening to know when it should and should not be used in customer insights. I am leaning towards using social data in less complex decisions, like communications and language. Not necessarily on where our next store should be located or what equipment we should be investing in.