• Cycl10ps posted a comment on ?Fortnite 1 year ago


    I’m not really sure whether I like or hate fortnite right now. last week I hated it and was close to uninstalling. Now I’m enjoying the game more and I’m waiting to see if it heads in a good direction or not.

    Ok, So I started playing fortnite at the end of season 3 , it was my first BR and really the first game I played a little more seriously.…[Read more]

  • ?Can we predict the world cup group stages???

    Group A Winner – Uruguay
    Group A Runner Up – Russia
    Group B Winner – Spain
    Group B Runner Up – Portugal
    Group C Winner – France
    Group C Runner Up – Denmark
    Group D Winner – Argentina
    Group D Runner Up – Croatia
    Group E Winner – Brazil
    Group E Runner Up – Serbia
    Group F Winner – Germany
    Group F Runner Up – Sweden
    Group G Winner – Belgium
    Group G…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming and You

    I think gaming, in general, is quite a positive part of society or at least in my life. I enjoy playing single player games like far cry or skyrim or dishonored to wind down. I play fortnite and overwatch and MW2(best cod ever) to play with my friends.

    I’m in touch with friends around the world with gaming and I’ve met tonnes of mutual friends…[Read more]

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