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    I’m not really sure whether I like or hate fortnite right now. last week I hated it and was close to uninstalling. Now I’m enjoying the game more and I’m waiting to see if it heads in a good direction or not.

    Ok, So I started playing fortnite at the end of season 3 , it was my first BR and really the first game I played a little more seriously. I’d say through season 4 I played with some guys who were well above average and I had a k/d of about 0.5 after 400-500 games and they carried me to tonnes of wins.

    In general its a fun game, its got new content quite often and they do great stuff in the game like the events. Now this means every week the guns change etc but thats honestly not too bad. Its unique, no other game has the building element in a BR like this at all. Overall, the players get better every season and the game is constantly moving forward

    Season by season:

    In season 5 I got a bit more serious, played a lot more and even season 6 I played quite a lot. Bumped my k/d up to almost 0.9 after those seasons but its a struggle. I played enough in season 7 to get the battlepass and last season I didn’t really play at all. Season 8 was cool but I was busy, I played a lot of other games and I really didn’t enjoy the game much. Even near the end of season 8 I didn’t want to finish the battlepass because after very game I just felt bored.

    The meta:

    The main reason is that fortnite was hardstuck in the pump-smg meta where it was just the best thing to do. I occasionally carried a sniper, swapped an smg for a hand canon or did some other wild stuff. But you needed an AR/sniper, a blue pump or better and an smg. Otherwise someone as good as you with the same weapons would win almost everytime in a fight.

    Season 9:

    I was quite upset when the pump got vaulted, I normally play as soon as a new season starts but I pretty much didn’t want to play. Every update was worse and worse, the drum gun (although community voted) was horrifically overpowered. I really enjoyed using the pump. But I tried the game later that day and honestly I hated it at first, but suddenly I had more slots to carry cool weapons. I was carrying hand cannons, flintlocks, snipers. I enjoyed using them and I could use a hand canon close range and not get punished.

    I actually liked not getting 1 shot or destroyed really fast, I realised i could use other guns and I HATED just holding an smg and with only semi-auto shotguns, it was actually pretty nice to fight. It was really hard to have clean fights but it was better than before.

    Pro level play:

    I’m not a pro, I’d say I’m above average but I’m not looking to be a pro or compete because honestly I don’t like scriming, tunneling and playing in that way. But I do think fortnite is a very very hard game to be a pro in.

    The game constantly changes and pros just have to be good. The map changes, the guns change and epic seems to LOVE dropping big changes close to or during big tournaments. I think they should take a note from blizzard and overwatch and stick to one patch prior to THEIR OWN TOURNAMENTS. Middle of the world cup, epic change the whole map and remove the pump and add the drum gun. Someone could’ve lost their favorite loadout and drop in the middle of a tournament.

    I think epic need to reconsider how patches work when it comes to tournaments because its quite frustrating for players if they practice for weeks and weeks and then their practice is basically useless because of a patch just before.

    Overall thoughts:

    I like that epic nerfed the drum gun so quickly, I really wish we got siphon back. I hate farming and it feels like I spend too much time doing it. It let me carry fewer heals so I got extra slots. But honestly, just the farming and extra materials is good enough. I hate running out of materials in the first fight.

    Ballers are quite annoying, I think the new shotgun could use a slight buff, 137 headshot is pretty poor, especially since its a gold shotgun. But overall the game is heading in a better direction. I like using more guns, I like that close range fights have more options now. I like that not finding a blue or better pump in the early game doesn’t mean I automatically lose.

    P S

    I bought save the world in about season 4, I play it mostly to earn v-bucks. Its not a bad game mode and I really enjoy it and grind it some times. But I bought one started pack for a cool skin and I’ve earned at least 10k vbucks from save the world, probably more.