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    ?Future of McLaren

    I used to be a serious Mclaren fan. The P1 and 675LT were my favourite cars, but they now seem to be immensely flawed. When the Porsche 991GT3s burned, Porsche immediately stepped in and resolved it, even offering customers a new car. Similarly with Ferrari when the 458 burned, they fixed them immediately. Mclaren obviously know what exact problem with the cars are, and I suspect are reluctant to issue a recall cause it affects basically their whole model range, which would harm profits. Like someone else here pointed out, they are wholly focused on shifting units to gain as much revenue as possible. I feel that, like many firms, their fixation on profit maximisation has caused their cars to suffer in quality, which stems from a problem in management above all else. I think their engineers are world class. I think the designers are fantastic (although I’m still not in love with the 720S/Senna/Speedtail looks). Its just ironic because their blind eye towards their problems will lose them potential customers, harming sales and profits in the long run. I think that they should reinvest their profits in quality control rather than R&D for new models. Focus on making the cars reliable, and issue a recall like Ferrari and Porsche (the industry leaders) did. Then I will aspire to owning one of their cars again.