• Dale Alcock posted a reply to QuteeTeam on ?UK On-Line Gambling Have your Say! 7 months, 1 week ago

    ?UK On-Line Gambling Have your Say!

    I believe another of what the UKGC has done recently with locking withdrawals has helped another of people but also some of the things it has done will force people to use unlicensed sites or VPN.

    Some games don’t pay alot or alot happens in the base so quickspins make the game more bearable when trying to bonus ok get rid of turbo spins but at least keep quick spin on so people aren’t getting fed up and going and blasting money on live games.

    I believe banning bonus buys in the UK was stupid as you can’t buy a bonus for 100 200 pound etc with some money guaranteed to return but yet I can go put 1000 pound on roulette on 1 spin and potentially lose it all that I don’t understand.

    Also reading about a cap of 2 pound being put on I feel this would push alot of people to unlicensed casinos or to using vpn another way around this is when u verify with casino and u send your proof of wealth why don’t the casino from the documents u send put a limit on that account based on what they feel is affordable for the player.