• ?FIFA 20

    Fifa 20 is here and so are my thoughts-

    Gameplay- For me something just isn’t right with it. There are alot of issues in game with the rebounds, kicking from GK doesn’t give great options to retain the ball, sometimes players look like they have no clue no what they are doing, can’t remember which formation but 1 player is at your own corner…[Read more]

  • ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    I think they are just a waste.
    Stupidly hard to pack, super super expensive, only a +1 on Prime Icon and even the SBC’s are mega expensive.
    I’d rather the Icons be baby, middle then Moments not 4 versions of an Icon

  • ?FIFA 19 – TEAM OF THE YEAR!!!

    GK- De Gea





    The main issue for me in the new patch is the speed of players. They seem to be running at like 1 mph with or without the ball


    The only issue I really have is button delay, the amount of times I press shoot and my player just stands their like a lemon is unreal. Also, pressing to pass can take a second or 2.
    Mines wired, for me you can’t play any game wireless without issues.
    Located in Somerset
    Ping 20, Download 56.53, Upload 18.67

    I love Div Rivals, playing more people…[Read more]

  • dan_twiglet posted a comment on ?FIFA 19 1 year ago

    ?FIFA 19

    I’m still 50/50 with it.
    Gameplay- This needs alot of work done to it. Time finishing needs looking at. Keepers doing fuck all and standing there needs sorting. Tackles that are perfectly won, need to stay won and not keep bouncing back to the other players. There’s more but could be here all day.

    SB- Playing Legendary last year was amazing, you…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 19 Ratings (game giveaway)

    Ronaldo & Messi both deserve their rating IMO

  • ?The Price of Gaming

    Gaming can cost stupid amounts if you want it too.
    Even though you can play games like Fifa without spending any money on Fifa Points, you will be left behind alot of people who will have mega strong teams from the start.
    Games like Fortnite you don’t need to spend money on for skins, but then if you don’t, you get called a noob.


    G1 – France vs Argentina – Winner = France
    G2 – Uruguay vs Portugal – Winner = Uruguay
    G3 – Brazil vs Mexico – Winner = Brazil
    G4 – Belgium vs Japan – Winner = Belgium
    G5 – Spain vs Russia – Winner = Spain
    G6 – Croatia vs Denmark – Winner = Croatia
    G7 – Sweden vs Switzerland – Winner = Sweden
    G8 – Colombia vs England – Winner = England

    Q1 – G1 vs…[Read more]

  • ?Russia World Cup 2018 | YOUR PREDICITIONS

    Player of the Tournament – De Gea

    Young Player of the Tournament – Mbappe

    Golden Boot – Neymar

  • ?Can we predict the world cup group stages???

    Group A Winner – Uruguay
    Group A Runner Up – Russia
    Group B Winner – Spain
    Group B Runner Up – Portugal
    Group C Winner – France
    Group C Runner Up – Peru
    Group D Winner – Argentina
    Group D Runner Up – Croatia
    Group E Winner – Brazil
    Group E Runner Up – Serbia
    Group F Winner – Germany
    Group F Runner Up – Mexico
    Group G Winner – Belgium
    Group G…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming and You

    Gaming matters because it brings friendships.
    I will give an example- Jack ‘Courage’ Dunlop was doing random duos 1 night a while ago. He bumped in to this 10 yr old called Connor. A month on and now everyone loves watching Connor join Jack and his friends. The streams and YT videos Jack does/posts are full off praise for Connor on how funny,…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 18 Player of the Year… Who gets your vote

    It’s a tough 1 to break down but I think you have 3 candidates and I will explain why they should win.
    Salah- Has been playing superbly all year round. There have been a few games where he has disappeared and not played like he has 80% off the time but his scoring record is crazy. But when you have mane & Firminho to back you up, I would expect…[Read more]

  • ?How To Improve FIFA

    For me it’s too late to save Fifa 18. They need to just forget about doing anymore special releases and trying to fix the game and concentrate on Fifa 19 so it’s great from the start.

    Trading- This needs to come back. It worked so well in Fifa 14 that it’s crazy EA doesn’t have it in any Fifas after.

    Pack Weight- This needs to improve…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 18 Winter Upgrades

    The amount of players going to be upgraded isn’t the issue, it’s the players they have upgraded and by how much that is.
    Players that have played really well all season are the ones that deserve the upgrade -Salah, DDG, Kane, KDB but some that have had decent patches should not really be upgraded- Martial, Kante, D.Silva, Mahrez.
    It’s always nice…[Read more]


    I think 100% Ferdinand should be your first Icon. Him with Bailly might be the 2 players that will help you stop leaking the silly goals. Your attack is good anyways so start at the defence.

  • ?Team Of The… Rip Offs!

    The amount of packs out to buy was really good so can’t fault EA for that.
    The nominee SBC was really good but surprised they didn’t release further SBC’s.
    TOTY after watching Castro all week seemed like it was impossible to pack 1. Yeah he packed like 3 but he spent over 500K Fifa points for that. I refuse to by any points as the return is just…[Read more]


    Congrats on the icon pull, you really deserved that.
    My TOTY would be-
    De Gea- Best keeper on the planet
    Valencia- be a rock for Utd
    Azpi- Did wonders for Chelsea
    Ramos- best CB last few years
    Marcelo- Best LB
    Kante- Been amazing last 2 years
    Alli- Spurs move has made him a name and been 1 of their best players
    Isco- Helped Real win all them…[Read more]

  • ?Are FIFA packs really worth it

    My best pack is obviously Maldini right at the start of Fifa but like you, SBC’s & Squad battle packs are really the best.
    It is nice when EA bring out Special packs but they are normally the trash packs that you only open just because they are there.
    EA each year just seem to get worse and worse and people start hating the game within like a…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 18 Gameplay Patch

    I prefer it Pre Patch, Fifa gameplay this year is just pure trash full stop, but i play mainly Squad Battles and taking the ball of the AI is even more difficult. Even their shooting has gotten worse, shots from 30-40 yeards some how go in but 6 yards keeper can save. EA should just remove this years Fifa say 2 weeks and work their butts off to…[Read more]

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