• ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    The issue with Ranked Role system is that for instance we have a Diamond or Gold mid player,and because he rarely plays other roles such as top when he plays it on his regular account he will be playing with a lower devision wotch is already like a built in Smurfing system,he will have a far better map awerness,skill usage,itemization and he…[Read more]

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    Hey Huzzy,Im no expert in League Im just a Silver player,but I think the best way to fix League would be ability checks for champions,we have seen Riot do all types of stat changes like damage,hp and such,but some characters shouldnt be able to have that type of burst/cc/dodges. Im not sure from balancing positions exactly but people will complain…[Read more]

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