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    ?Morality and Veganism

    Thanks guys, sorry I typed up a long as comment earlier in the week but i messed up the posting of it and then i was too ticked off/busy to reply again. I don’t see veganism itself as extremism, again I sort of agree that it’s actually more moral, but by definition it sits on the furthest spectrum of animal rights views. It’s sort of like how among the spectrum of abortion views, “pro-life without a rape exception” sits on the furthest end. I think the rhetoric and emphasis that Alex gives to veganism above all the other options aimed at lessening pain for animals, is somewhat extreme and does harm to the cause by suggesting that the more moderate positions are useless half-measures, a position i often hear from vegans who denigrate vegetarianism. Continuing with the abortion analogy, if anti-abortion activists spent most of their time advocating that abortion is bad in all cases, even those where the pregnancy is the result of rape, i think we’d similarly agree that that’s being extreme and detrimental to your own cause. Similarly, it would make more sense for guys like Alex to try and find common ground and work to change policies in the meat industries, rather than talk about the uselessness of any measures and talk about how anything less than “an extreme position” is worse than bestiality. Anyway, I guess it feels better to stand on a pillar and excoriate any positions that are below you than talk about changing policy. On those grounds at least Dr Fleischman, despite my disagreements with her, advocates for more moderate positions too. As for the diet stuff, I don’t know enough about nutrition to comment though, given human variation, I think it’s very likely that there are some people who won’t be able to make the transition, though a lot of people clearly can transition to veganism with few problems. It’s still another area where Alex’s rhetoric could bite him, since if there are people who have no choice but to eat meat, Alex has backed himself into a corner where he he’s implying that they’re worse than bestialites for no fault of their own. Anyway, sorry for taking so long to reply again, cool platform!