• Dominic Berry posted a reply to Matt on ?Public Health & the Corona virus 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    This is not just an argument against the NHS in particular, or national government coordinated responses.

    We could apply the same logic to paying for an army or a police force.

    These are all organizations which benefit everyone collectively, so it makes perfect sense to put our heads together, put our money together and reduce the costs of defending ourselves from epidemics the same as we do from foreign enemies.

    But it goes wider than that : In terms of logic, “Let’s just do evolution” is an argument against technology and culture in general. I mean why do medicine at all? Surely that weakens the gene pool, right? You might not think this, but that’s the logical progression of your position.

    You went wrong right at the start – if strangers get this infection, it’s definitely your personal problem, because if it isn’t dealt with, you’re likely to be next.