• Dominic Berry posted a reply to Matt on ?Public Health & the Corona virus 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Forgive me if I’m taken aback by a response which is reasonable, if in disagreement, but thank you.

    Yes, I’m not trying to straw man or put words in your mouth, that’s just where I see the endpoint of it. We could draw a line between collective benefit and individual self-sufficiency half way.

    But particularly in the case of coronavirus, the game theory of choices and consequences is different to say, a car accident –

    If I drive badly and break my legs, perhaps I should pay for that myself, rather than burden taxpayers with the cost of my stupidity.

    This isn’t like that because it can reach you and you can have it, and infect others without even knowing. It’s a collective problem which can only be solved collectively.