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    ?Morality and Veganism

    I’d say that relative lifespans, approximate natural predation rate (roughly speaking – nature kills more moderately sized birds than ruminants because more predators can take a bird), and such would necessitate far more chickens would live and die per cow equivalent.

    You also get into a weird philosophical issue… Is there more suffering from more animals living a relatively contented life before dying or fewer animals living a relatively contented life before being dying?

    To the point of how chickens are kept, I’d say that the commercial breeds are not the smartest animals and don’t seem to need a lot of stimulation to go about their business without being fussed. Ideally, I think they should be able to get outdoors and see the sun and they should have enough room that they’re not always forced to be packed wing to wing, although they don’t generally seem to mind being packed together.

    I will add that at least in the US or France they’re trying to end culling “male chicks” this year or next. A pro-lifer perspective might not see much difference since they’ll be culling eggs at some (probably advanced) stage of development. Having looked into it, the “quick maceration” grinding machines are currently used because there was less observable distress in the chicks than in CO2 gassing and it really is as close to an instantaneous end as is practically possible. If cockerels weren’t so male-on-male aggressive, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be raised and marketed as a specialty meat (Capon sounds exotic and you’d only need a fancy sounding name and a few attractive sample dishes like Coq au Vin to make cockerels marketable without castration).