• ?YourLeagueHotTake

    how about a mix of the two where you still get to vote for your favourite but the last winner always gets left out of the vote to make sure that we still get to play all of the modes somewhat frequently?

  • ?YourLeagueHotTake

    i would love to have a chance to vote for additional game modes i would like to come.
    maybe have a different additional game mode every month and have us choose which one we would like to play two weeks earlier.

    that way even if the mode ends up not being the one i want to play i would at least feel like i had a chance to voice my opinion

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    this is going to be my first ever ranked season and so far i have spent most of my games on nexus blitz. i havent found my main yet and am still switching champs depending on how i feel atm.
    i hope to find 1 or two champs that suit me well (preferably adcs) and use those to climb as far as i can

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