• ?The future of the Labour Party

    The greens finished 2nd behind labour in two seats, the SNP nearly pipped them in their one Scottish seat, plaid are growing and the lib Dems are ideal for the metropolitan elite labour know desperately rely on. The lane will open for each of these parties if the lib Dems step one way or the other too “moderate” the greens go up, too unionist they…[Read more]

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    My point was the next threat to labour is young people abandoning labour to the other left wing parties.

  • ?The future of the Labour Party

    You’re hatred is justified but the question will be if the conservatives can transform the Tory model which isn’t viewed well by woke groups and young people. And labour would also have to become totally unloved and there is likely still a partisan preference to the Labour party out of hatred to the Conservatives.

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