• emylln posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 1 week, 3 days ago


    I think reworks are good, its better to bring out more reworks than new champions. As huzzy has said before there are a lot of champions in league – maybe too many and i do agree with this, also i think he mentioned more champs makes it harder to balance the game which is definitely true. I think riot should focus more on bringing older champs up to standard instead of releasing new ones, like the fiddle and volibear reworks which seem to be coming along well and i am very excited for, especially as they now will fit the lore better. This brings me to another reason why i like reworks is because it allows riot to bring out the lore in more depth and give the champs meaning and character and really bring forward their stories; i know not everyone cares about this but it is really good to make champs such as volibear into the lightning god war bear that he is rather than just a bear who runs at you and flips you – it adds more meaning to the game (sort of?)
    However i think they do need to think over some of the reworks a bit better, (looking particularly at akali for example), where she was very hard to balance and was a big problem etc etc. Apparently certainly t is no longer in champ design department which is probably good, and i agree with huzzy when he said akali was not designed for a team game, which is definitely what riot should focus on – making champs to fit a multiplayer team instead of a solo game style.