• BlueNL posted a comment on ?Space X 4 years, 2 months ago


    I think that Elon Musk won’t have tourist fly around the moon next year, but I like his way of thinking. And I believe that tourist will fly around the moon soon but not next year.

  • ?Car Wrapping

    I like your car, and I would not change the outside because I like the colors it has now. But maybe it would be fun to place your logo on the rearview mirrors.

  • ?The Ultimate Live Streaming Den!

    Install a mini fridge, so you can have a nice cold drink at your disposal. That would make the ultimate gaming/live stream room.

  • ?Nintendo Switch

    I think that the Nintendo Switch is a great step in the good direction for Nintendo. Of course, the Switch has his problems, but I believe that Nintendo has done their community right.

  • ?Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    The new Star Wars movies are amazing. I loved Rogue one, and I hope that “The Last Jedi” will succeed.

  • ?Formula 1 2017

    I am from The Netherlands, so of course I am a Max Verstappen supporter. But his car at this moment is just not great, so I am cheering for Vettel this year.

  • BlueNL posted a comment on ?GoPro 4 years, 2 months ago


    I would like a GoPro hero 5 because I like sporting and I like filming/photography. Also, I am interested in where my dog goes when I let him outside because sometimes I just lose him for 1 hour, that’s why I like the dog mount the most, so you can see what your dog does all day.

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