• Fabian Balzer posted a comment on ?Car rental experiences! Share yours… 2 years, 11 months ago

    ?Car rental experiences! Share yours…

    I get a rental car like 1,2,3,4 times a month and i’m pretty happy with them mostly. once i got a MB vito which wasnt cleaned from the guy who had it before. they offered me to wait 20mins, but i had to get going cause i was already late, they just forgot to clean it beforehand
    well it wasnt too bad until i reached for the doorpocket and had a used tissue in my hand..

    a work colleague once rented at sixt the lowest wagon tier, like a astra, passat or sth like that. the sixt station was included in a bmw dealership and they didn’t reserve the right car for my colleague. so in the end he got upgraded to a 535i wagon with like <1000 km on it
    he said he never had so much fun with a rental :D