• ?Which Total War: Warhammer 1 or 2 Legendary Lord would you be and why

    So, let’s see.
    None of the vampire lords, because they are very dependant on Nagash and he is kind of an asshole. If I ever did something that upseted him he would make my unlife a literal eternal unliving hell in an ironic way customised for me, if you don’t believe me ask Strigoi.
    Not a dwarf because they have a stupid female to male birthrate, why do you think they are so grumpy?
    Not human nor elves because they are really boring to me, I hate playing them.
    Skaven? what? they don’t exist.
    Lizardman, they are ok but it’s hard to imagine an emotionless life, so no.
    Tomb kings seem the most unhappy of all races even if everything would go their way they would be a sad bunch.
    You could say chaos, but after everything is brought to ruins it will surely be pretty boring.
    So the only real option are the greenskins, a good old happy bunch that only wish to fight, and as long as they have that they are happy.
    No need to wipe out all other races,. Where is the fun in that?! Let them live and then came back with da bois to kill dem again.

    Azhag The Slaughterer would be my choice.
    Because of all above but adding that i would make sure that i remain in the top by planing with brutal cunning the demise of all other lords that could threaten me, for i am the only orc with a brain.
    also, I have a pet crown and a wyvern.