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    In my answer I am going to do my best to break down every champion that has had a major rework that I can remember. This might not be in order.


    The yorick rework was completely necessary. Yorick was one of the worst champions in the game when they reworked him. He was only played by onetricks, and there were very few of those given his champion design. The pre-reworked Yorick was a champion all about summoning ghouls, but he could do very little with them and he had no purpose in the game.
    The new Yorick kept a similar concept to the old yorick, but the gameplay is completely different. The new yorick had the power to summon ghouls through his q and his e gave him more control over them than the old yorick ever did. The new yorick was given a place in the game as a tower pusher and powerful 1v1 champion.
    The yorick rework was definitely a positive rework as it kept the thematic idea of a champion and gave it its own place in the game where it could thrive. While it was nothing like the old yorick in terms of gameplay Riot did not receive backlash as it was a dead champion prior to the rework and with the rework yorick would have a chance to take its own portion of the playerbase. Yorick’s rework was an example of bringing a dead champion back into the game.


    I don’t remember a lot about the old urgot, but that in itself says that it was in a similar boat to Yorick. He was a champion with an extremely low play rate that was rarely ever seen and did not really have his own place in the game. The new urgot has a fairly decent play rate and definitely has his own place in the game. Each of his abilities are relevant and he can go against other top laners.
    The urgot rework was, similarly to yorick’s, a positive rework. Urgot’s rework was also an example of bringing a dead champion back into the game.


    Galio, at the time of his rework, was not dead like Urgot and Yorick were. While Galio did have a lower than average play rate, Galio was reworked because he had a kit that was judged to be anti-fun. I don’t remember everything he did but his r was like a nunu r but instead of slowing it taunted all the enemies in the area. The ability was a nearly unavoidable, long lasting cc that riot did not think was acceptable. He also had a shield and an ability that I believe was similar to his current q.
    The new Galio has aspects of the old one, with a smaller taunt in his w and a similar damaging ability in his q. He also has new, fresh aspects to his kit that allow him to do more in the game and be both more fun for the player playing galio, his team, and the enemy team. The Galio rework was also a positive rework. The galio rework was an example of an anti-fun, dying champion being helped along and making the game more enjoyable.


    I never played with or against old swain, so I personally believe it must have been rather unpopular. I don’t remember a lot about it so I’ll keep this one short.
    The new swain is a great champion with cool new abilities. It is very potent and has a potential to greatly impact the game. It kept a large part of the old swain with the healing ultimate, and it added fresh, new ideas. It increased the swain player base and it is a very nice champion. Definitely a positive rework.


    Warwick is the first in a new era of reworks in which the champion isn’t dead, though the player base is often low and made up of only onetricks. In these reworks the champions aren’t necessarily bad, riot just wanted to take their kits and update them into the new age of league of legends.
    Old warwick was made up entirely of passive abilities, auto attacks, and point and click. His whole purpose was teaching new players to play jungle. His new kit is just a better updated version of the old one. It is still easy to play, but now it has a couple more mechanics and it can do a little more. It has the same idea and purpose as the old warwick and it still teaches new players. This is a positive rework.


    Irelia was an auto attacking champion with a kit that was pretty old. When she was reworked she became more ability based, but the style was able to stay generally the same due to the q similarities and the new irelia’s auto passive.
    This is the first rework in which there was a large player base on the champion and the champion strayed from its original design. I personally believe that this was a good rework, and I think most people agree, but it did have a fair amount of people that played the champion that didn’t enjoy the reworked version.


    Aatrox is very similar to irelia. He was an auto attack centered champion that was changed into an ability focused champion. He also had a decent player base and was completely changed. Unlike Irelia, he has very very little similar to his old kit.
    I believe the Aatrox rework was a positive one for the same reasons as Irelia. They are both much more played now than they were before which shows a good thing, although there is the draw back of their player bases losing their champion.


    Akali was an easy assassin champion. When she was reworked she was made much harder and her kit completely changed. Besides that riot has failed in balancing her, giving her abilities that were stupidly powerful that made her a perma ban, and then making her completely useless.
    I think that the akali rework was successful in theory, but unfortunately unsuccessful in actuality.


    Nunu is like warwick. He is a pretty easy trainer type champion. When riot reworked him they updated his abilities so that they did a little more, but he still fulfilled the same job. Like warwick he is still a capable trainer champion that, due to the rework, can progress into lategame with more ease.


    The Kayle rework did not do all that much. She was rarely played before and she is rarely played now. The old Kayle was fine, the new kayle is fine. It was a decent rework that didn’t change the flavor of the champion all that much.


    The mordekaiser rework was excellent. The old mordekaiser was very niche and very out dated. The new mordekaiser is fresh and has a place in the game. This was a positive rework as well.


    Pantheon had a rather outdated kit. His new kit is cool and it keeps what he was about. I don’t like it, but it was a good rework.

    In summary, I believe every rework has been good for the game, with the possible exception of akali. While akali did need a rework, her rework is a complete mess. I think reworks are very necessary for league, as it creates an outlet for fresh ideas and can bring old champions into the modern world. While old reworks were based around champions being way under played it has steadily moved into champions with outdated kits. I believe that the change mainly stems from the fact that there aren’t really any dead champions in league at the moment, although there are some outdated champions and some champions that are really bad. Without reworks I believe league would get new champions too quickly and it would be overwhelming.