• FlashIgnitelvl1 posted a comment on ?LoLChampionReworks 4 weeks, 1 day ago


    Overall, I am a big fan of champion reworks. As long as they dont change too much of a champion up (unless NEEDED, aka mord), it becomes a refreshing experience for outdated champions with low pick/play rates. We see endless games and skins for prime choice champs (lux, Yasuo, katarina, etc) and it gets redundant to see and play against these champs, to a point where I personally went out of my way to pick champs like old Poppy, Volibear, old Swain, and old Yorick as my mains because they became champs that other opponents didnt know how to handle because they weren’t vs’ing that many of them at that time. Of course they needed reworks because their abilities were underwhelming and got destroyed in higher ranks just due to mechanics alone. Poppy, Warwick, Swain, Yorick, and Morde (as broken as he was when he 1st was reworked) were all neccessary changes that made outdated champs playable and fun again, which also leads to new skins for the champions, which in turn, again makes people want to play these champs more. It also keeps the original feel of the champ, which pros (or anyone for that matter) who main these champs, don’t have to feel neglected and can still find solace knowing that they are the same character with slight adjustments. It keeps them relevant in the current meta of the game and stops mains from becoming too toxic to the change. With that being said, as far as Panthion (specifically) goes, his ult (imo) definitely needs some more reworking done. It’s extremely lackluster, weak, and is still overly easy to avoid, making it just useless other than seeing it as another TP. I’d suggest making it slightly smaller, but come in fasterand possibly (dont burn me for this) but add the anti-shielding effect to it as well. Overall though, the skin reworks alone make me want to add this champ to my roster.