• ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    Smoking, or quitting smoking. Which I guess is the same as lack of time?

    Since I started playing in S6, I was really happy with my climbing. I was Bronze S6, Silver S7 and Gold 4 in Season 8. I have a lot to learn but I’m also patient and really passionate about the game.

    My main problem was I created a sort of trigger for myself. As an…[Read more]

  • ?What do you want in S7 Unranked to Diamond

    Hey Huzzy,

    In my opinion I would really like to see a brief breakdown of the game, postgame. Perhaps after you reveal the damage done and the gold earned at the post game screen.

    To elaborate perhaps just a brief and specific run through the major events in the game that lead to your loss and victory.

    I’m aware you somewhat do this when…[Read more]

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