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    ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    Smoking, or quitting smoking. Which I guess is the same as lack of time?

    Since I started playing in S6, I was really happy with my climbing. I was Bronze S6, Silver S7 and Gold 4 in Season 8. I have a lot to learn but I’m also patient and really passionate about the game.

    My main problem was I created a sort of trigger for myself. As an ex-smoker (plain tobacco cigarettes, I had a routine where daily I would finish work and play 3-5 games of league. I used to smoke a lot in this time whilst playing. Because I was already an addicted smoker, smoking really helped with any ranked anxiety or frustrations in losing bad games.

    I quit smoking just before S9 started. League is sort of a boogeyman for me now. I think of playing and then the urge to smoke a cigarette crashes down on me like a wave, its not a very nice feeling at all. I have been determined though, I’m really happy with my decision to stop smoking but League is my Goliath currently.

    I’ve mastered other elements of my life now, without smoking. Such as work or relationship stresses, where I would normally have gone outside for a cigarette.

    I’ve slowly been getting back in to League, just a few games a week at first. Now I can play every other day for a few games, as I slowly cleanse myself from the triggers that pull in my head whenever I load the client.

    I’ll get there eventually, but it’s seriously slowed or effected my climb for the time-being. I’ll reach Plat, smoke free one day. :)