• ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter

    Honestly your right. The amount of times I’ve had people say to report me simply because I’m not great at the game. But some people really just don’t care. The way I look at inting is if they are doing nothing to even try, so if they constantly run it under tower or just sit dancing whilst an enemy attacks them then that would be inting, not just…[Read more]

  • ?LetsMakeLoLRankedBetter

    1)Make reporting someone for just having a bad game have negative effects on the players who try and report these things, but only in the instance of when they are also negatively flaming said user. (e.g. saying things like “Report Nami trash support”, where they are exclusively reporting because they aren’t as good at the game)

    2)Already been…[Read more]

  • ?What is your Season 10 Ranked Goal

    My main goal for ranked is to try and reach at least Gold IV.
    My other goal (not ranked but general) is to get better at playing Jungle

  • ?Season10LoL

    The two things I’m mainly looking forward to are the tank buffs (from conqueror being nerfed) and the elemental rifts. The latter being for the variance it should give games.

  • ?LoLPreSeason2020

    Whilst I will admit I like the changes in general, especially since I can return to playing tanks in top lane without the looming threat of conqueror or lack of influence, there is one thing I can’t deny that bugs me, and its specifically in relation to the Elder Burn Execute. As of yet since we don’t know exactly how it works, we have no idea on…[Read more]

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