• fraser kinghorn posted a comment on ?LoLPreSeason2020 3 weeks, 1 day ago


    Whilst I will admit I like the changes in general, especially since I can return to playing tanks in top lane without the looming threat of conqueror or lack of influence, there is one thing I can’t deny that bugs me, and its specifically in relation to the Elder Burn Execute. As of yet since we don’t know exactly how it works, we have no idea on what range the execute can activate from (although the same does apply to the on-damage dragon souls). The cause for concern is damaging hidden traps (e.g. Jhin traps or Teemo mushrooms) being able to trigger the execute without that champion even needing to be nearby. I can’t imagine Riot would want to turn these traps into global range executes, but its something that could cause issues should it work like that.