• George Commie posted a comment on ?Instagram for use of business and engagement? 2 years, 4 months ago

    ?Instagram for use of business and engagement?

    Hello guys,
    I want to share my experience with you. Actually, I started using Instagram for business purposes a year ago. I tried to look very professional and trustworthy and I gave my best. I was pretty creative and I used to post almost every day. In the beginning I had a very poor post engagement but few months later it got a bit better. I had 300-500 everyday, active fans which engaged great. But, in reality it was totally opposite. From my 6500+ fans, 0 were my customers. Then I started to rethink myself. I stepped into mistake-finding adventure. After a decent research I found out that my competitors had minimum 10 times more followers then me. That was my greatest checkpoint in the learning process. After some time, I figured out the way how I could come up with my competitors in number of followers. The best way turned out to be buying some followers. But have in mind this, it’s suggested to boost the number of your followers in the very begging of your business. It gives a great starting point and puts yourself above your competitors. Technically, I deleted my account (which I worked on for 9 long months). I created a new account and started using my precious (but expensive) experience. I bought some followers and then dived into marketing campaigns. It turned out to be multiple times more efficient. Believe me or not, with this model I got my “real” 6500 fans in less then two months. If you want to try out this method (a guarantee you won’t regret), you can find some websites to buy “starting” followers but I advice to go straight to http://www.newmeh.com . This is the website which made exponential growth for my and a lots of other businesses.
    I hope this helps,
    George :)