• ?What is your Season 10 Ranked Goal


  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    maybe bit too passive playstyle/play champions that cannott win games alone. I rarely feed but also get fed. But every game I fell I know exactly what it needed to win the game based on comps, objective to do,etc but often seems I’m the only one. So maybe plat brain but gold application 😜

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL

    your honor idea is good but the problem is that toxic ppl can still have high honor level due to the fact they are not punished. So the crazy idea its to have a control room scanning games in real times and discovering toxic ppl in roder to punish immediately after the game

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    i want to try to reach platinum playing very few champs i know i play well with

  • ?HuzzyGamesResearch

    I selected climb to master but I could pair it with spectating challenger and the loot videos. I also enjoy the other videos but a bit less

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8

    i finished gold 5 but i stopped caring few months ago viewing that games was total random…one lane feeds or get fed (usually bot) or ppl stop caring after few deaths, trolls etc… since I didn’t want to lose the skin prize I started doing only normals to try getting all the available chests, playing other roles and new champs, do events…[Read more]

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    It’s clearly visible that nowadays all the new epic skins released are way better then the old legendary ones. Don’t you think old legendary skins should be downgraded to 975rp?

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    Onestly, do you think you are doing all you can do for reducing trolls and toxicity in the game? I mean ALL, 100% of what is in your powers at the moment. And if not, you are limited by commercial, technology, gameplay reasons?

  • ?In-Game Moderators for League

    It can work but i think shoul be better to have paid moderators with salary based on results. Maybe players should be able to give feedbacks at the end of the game for mod behaviour, and collecting all the feedbacks will decide the reward to mods.

  • ?Voice Chat in League

    you can mute but if the other team is using it as 5 you have disadvantage like you were playing against a 5 people flex team as a solo player 😒

  • ?Voice Chat in League

    Lol is the most toxic game in the world so I think it will be a real mess. Plus if one person doesn’t want to use it but the other team does, he will be in a disadvantage like he was against a flex team of 5 people.
    The only place voice chat could maybe works is in challenger, cause after a while they know each other and it is full of famous persons.

  • ?LoLRating

    i’m gold but i stopped ranked some months ago because games was too crazy one game automatically win the after automatically loss so i stopped enjoying and started to play normals to get chests and try new champs or focus on event missions. Anyway i’m gold because i think i play quite passive so often i play good but don’t carry the game

  • ?Gaming and You

    gaming is fun and with good games one person can also learn many things. I’m thinking about the good old age of empires, total war etc etc A boy could learn history better then from school; so i think that, a part from the fun aspect, there is also a teaching one.
    Negative aspects can be social limitations due to the fact that you don’t have human…[Read more]

  • ?Gaming Today

    I have been playing videogames for about 20 years. I started with sega mega drive then pc then ps2,ps3 and for the last 5 years I only played on PC (only LoL now). In the last 4-5 years I noticed a general decay of gaming quality, in particular on pc: I remember that glorious times when I have been spending hours and hours on age of empires,…[Read more]

  • ?Who do you ban in League and why

    i have some fixed bans which i do if other more important are done yet, or if some meta champ is open i ban him

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