• ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Many of the “experts” probably already have it, and you might have had it two. It’s symptomless for the vast majority of people.

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    A recent Oxford University study suggests that up to half the population probably have had the virus already but don’t know it because IT HAS NO SYMPTOMS. Only a small minority feel ill for a day or two. An even smaller minority (0.3 to 0.05%) will die from the virus and they (almost) all have other diseases at the same time (and be very old). The…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    If anyone here has been getting their information from the MSM or governments regarding the coronavirus outbreak in the UK and the continent, then they are being misinformed. If you want the actual data (updated daily) that is emerging to show that coronavirus is not a serious threat, go here: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/ A…[Read more]

  • ?Public Health & the Corona virus

    Until, the lock-down, yes, after the, NO. The lock-down will not save lives, it will create a higher death toll in the longer run by creating an economic depression and wide-scale hopelessness that will make The Great Depression look like just a warm up for this one – The Greatest Depression.

  • ?The Housing crisis

    The reason that house prices have become detached from the real economy and are soaring to the moon has little to do with physical supply and demand, or government actions. It has everything to do with the process of money creation and lending by commercial banks. House prices will always rise to absorb the additional money created and available…[Read more]

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