• ?Donald Trump

    Trump could end humanity. Luckily he’s too stupid and has too many advisors to do anything about it.

  • ?Grenfell Tower Fire

    If they are going back and having to test all of the tower blocks in the UK then why the hell was this allowed to be installed on so many different blocks. I work as an electrical engineer so my work is directly influenced by health and safety laws I’m concerned about more than just this now, because if they have missed this then what else have…[Read more]

  • ?Car rental experiences! Share yours…

    Best of all was with sixt in Frankfurt. Beautiful stand and the advisor at the desk was super helpful and was kind enough to upgrade me from a Audi A3 1.4 to an A250 auto. Super nice car with every toy on the order book.

    By far and away the worse was with europcar. I’d booked zero excess insuerance, as always, and when I got to the desk at 11pm…[Read more]

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