• ?FIFA 20 Scoring mechanics

    Overall, I think goalkeepers have been pretty good this year. They come out to save corners and make good save, while still letting through shots that deserve to be scored. Rebounds have been a small problem and I probably conceed one goal every to games from it. I think there is still a lot of work to be done on goalkeepers and they will always…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20 Goalkeepers

    Over all, I think EA did a good job with goalkeepers this year. Some goalkeepers are overpowered for such a low rating, like Areola, however there have always been overpowered low rated players since the start of ultimate team. I have noticed that goalkeepers this year frequently save a goal and it reflects the ball straight back to the opponent…[Read more]

  • ?FIFA 20 Pace of the Game

    I totally agree with your comments. I like to play fast down the wing, however this year this strategy hasn’t worked out. I verse opponents who kick the ball around the defence and slowly build up. It’s extremely boring and low scoring. I don’t know how EA could fix this, however I hope they do

  • ?Season10LoL

    Goalkeepers have been pretty bad this year. When someone takes a shot and the goalkeeper saves it, the ball usually rebound back to the opponent’s player and they score. When a goalkeeper kicks the ball to one of the centre backs, the just stand there waiting for the ball and usually the opponent gets the ball a score. It’s really pathetic. I hope…[Read more]

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