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    ?Cameras in tech videos

    Personally I would go with a DSLR just because you can get different lenses for them which will allow you to do pretty much anything you want.

    If you want that MKBHD, LinusTechTips look with the blurring etc then getting a DSLR with a lens that has a wide aperture is what you want.

    What I would suggest if you are just getting into it is to get something like a Canon 650D second hand. If you want to get something new then I would go for the Canon 200D(here is a link, don’t let the vlogging focus put you off, the same cameras can be used for many purposes – https://vloggerguru.com/2017/08/27/ultimate-vlogging-camera-buyers-guide/#Canon-200d), they are “inexpensive” as cameras go.

    I would also add a lens maybe like the Canon 50mm F1.8 which are pretty cheap too. Vlogging camera buyers guide – Vlogger Guru The ultimate vlogging cameras buyer guide to help you pick the perfect vlogging camera!