• ?RushtoDiamondS9


  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    Hi Huzzy,
    I´m B3 gues I´m not playing enough.
    Got a new job and need time to get into it.

  • ?Biggest thing holding you back in LoL

    I started a new job wich eats a lot of time, so I can´t Play as much as it would be good to climb. But we will see, may be i can Play more concentrated, we will see.

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    Hi Huzzy,

    I´m a fulltimeworking guy playing lol. I like to played ranked because people are more serios there, the try more to play the game instaed of stroking their ego.
    The switch to the System with choose two and play what you get or trade when possible is absolutely belived by me. I don´t have the time to play all 5 roles to my best but 2-3…[Read more]

  • ?CrazyIdeaToImproveLoL


    my suggestion is, that you don´t have to play again with somebody, or for higher ranks most unlikely, when you have reported that Person. May be a special point in the reportsystem would be necessary.
    When then the honorsystem additionally would give you with higher honor a priorisied access to games the then longer queueingtimes would punish…[Read more]

  • ?Season9RankedGoals

    I´m aiming for Silver 1 this Season. After being stuck in B 5-4 this Season I got B2 in preseason:-)
    Got less tiltet, played more safe as ADC and more agressive as Support, cared less when my Team wasn´t cooperating. Think i will strenghten this behaviour.
    Gl + hf 4 all.

  • ?IronToDiamond


    i would like to see that you have fun to play/playing.

    Therefor a wider variety of champs in Iron to Diamond would be great.

    And on yoiur main account there would be a more concentrated approach with less champs great. May be with a little more being the metaslave with explanation why this works. And for times of stress may be some…[Read more]

  • ?FavouriteLoLMETA

    Playing botlane i like Metas where games aren´t over after 15 mins and you get stomped. I guess for such games there is Aram and stuff like this.
    When I play ranked games are allowed to last and may contain more than just clicking like mad:-)

  • ?HuzzyGamesResearch

    Hi Huzzy,

    I like your climbingvideos. More the climb to Diamond because you talk more about the game and I learned a lot about the general gameplay and what to do when.
    I like your more calm approach even when you are tiltet and that you always try to find a way to have fun while playing.
    Champs Guides and the Spectateseries are a learning…[Read more]

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    I would like to see some more different roles, than top or midlane.

  • ?What rating did you end Season 8

    This Season I did not end in B5:-) So I´m quite happy. I just like to play league, so I think it will develop. A happy Season to everyone. Except the flamers and leavers, just find another game to troll People in:-)

  • ?Voice Chat in League

    For me is the chat where People has to take their time and type to be toxic or destructive the most I want to know of those People. Having to hear them first is not what I want.
    A system in which they know what of their communication i haveblocked would be great. Then they might have a chance to Change because of this feedback.

  • Groenson posted a comment on ?LoLRating 11 months ago


    Hi Huzzy,

    I´m Bronze 4 with the intention to get to Bronze 1 this season. I guess I don´t play enough to get up fatser in rating, roughly 100 games this Season in ranked.

  • ?Get Coached by Huzzy

    Hey Huzzy,

    i´m in Bronze 4 as an adc main with top or supp 2nd-role on EUW.
    I have a full time job, so my time 4 ranked is limited. I would like to get some ideas on how to stay consistant to climb. Or to get around impatient supports or better making use out of them:-)

  • ?What Rank are you and Why (In League)

    I´m bronze 5to 4 because i play too less i guess.

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