• ?RushtoDiamondS9

    Kalista, Ashe, Twitch, Varus

  • ?TFTFeedback

    I haven’t played at all, seen a decent amount of content though. The biggest thing I would want changed is only I would like for some method to buy items. Whether its very expensive, or is random what item you can buy at a time. I’d want a way for one to be able to finish a build if you’re economizing well but just doing poorly with item drops.

  • ?LoLTeamFightTactics

    I’m looking forwards to it, and mainly for the idea behind it not having my reaction speed etc… limiting my ability to play. I have always enjoyed strategy games and this will let me get better understanding of champs that I don’t want to play without great mechanics.

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    Jungle Ashe. Seems like it would be interesting as a challenge by itself but also could have a challenge with gank both top and bottom lanes at the same time.

  • ?Questions for Riot Developers

    I recall a long time ago (getting back into the game now) there used to be a preview of abilities when selecting a champion in queue so if you are not familiar with a champion you had some time to read up on them before selecting them and committing to play them without any understanding of them. And preventing any slow start from needing to read…[Read more]

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