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    ?What rating are you in League

    Currently I am Silver 4 with 100 LP and one Free win, I was demoted from Silver 3 to Silver 5 and about to get back in there, if we talk about gameplay the main thing that is holding me back is probably farming, in your anivia games I see you always have your RoA at about 10 minutes into the game, I get mine at around 20, which is a massive difference, this mainly because I cannot properly farm, however, I do not know if I am hard stuck yet, when I initially climbed to Silver 3(and by the way this is the first season I actually grind games) I hit a massive lose streak, it was the day they changed the ADC items, and my bot lane in every single game lost, and lost hard, I don’t like to blame external factors because if the item changes are to blame, the enemy team should have been in the same boat, what I think happened is that after the second lose I got tilted but didn’t stop playing I didn’t feed but I didn’t snowball either so I could not help my teammates who were having a hard time, and after the demotion I think my attitude got progressively worse, after being demoted to Silver 5 I cooled down a bit and started climbing again, so I guess right now it is a mix between bad farming and learning to just shut up and try to help my team as much as I can.