• HappySalmon posted a comment on ?HuzzyGamesResearch 4 months, 1 week ago


    Heo Huzz, gonna skip the pleasantries and get straight to it!
    I’m glad that you are feeling better after the removal of your wisdom teeth, however as I mostly watch your youtube channel and have been for years I feel like it’s actually affecting the content negatively, at least to me. It’s great that you enjoy the game more and I like seeing that too, however the reason I started watching was how analytical you were and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts, about everything, every single thought and reasoning that went through your head. Most of the content now is kind of relaxed and silly, neeko nee and all that, and I know it’s pre-season and that might be the reason. I just thought I’d say my part. I enjoy the grumpy Huzzy.