• Harry Short posted a comment on ?Car Wrapping 3 years ago

    ?Car Wrapping

    i think in the long run its probably better for the car, i imagine it stops the paint from fading if you start with a red car, or if you just want to stop any small scratches from appearing i guess it might be great for that, and the level of customisation is out of this world

  • ?Amazon Echo

    not so sure about letting a device listen to everything said in certain places, i know you can mute it, but i’m still cautious of it, any opinions?

  • ?United Airlines

    unfortunately teh majority of airlines overbook flights, as they have a calculated risk system, essentially they oversell a small percentage after calculating how many passengers are unlikely to turn up, they oversell due to this, as it makes them alot of money from overselling and people not showing up, its so profitable that it covers any legal…[Read more]

  • ?GoPro

    my favourite use for a gopro has been using my original go pro hero hd from 2009 with a scratched case to create lens flare shots for my Instagram, and attemting different filming shots in order to learn video editing as i primarily do photos and networking

  • ?Uber

    not true, they are not checked the same as regular taxi drivers, so you have no idea about what the person is like, whereas taxis are regularly monitored, you have probably just had some bad experiences

  • ?Uber

    their drivers also earn less than what they need to keep there car running let alone have a wage out of it

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