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    ?United Airlines

    unfortunately teh majority of airlines overbook flights, as they have a calculated risk system, essentially they oversell a small percentage after calculating how many passengers are unlikely to turn up, they oversell due to this, as it makes them alot of money from overselling and people not showing up, its so profitable that it covers any legal implications for cases like this, and if you voluntarily leave the aircraft, you are legally given compensation (in the us) “Anyone involuntarily bumped must be compensated, per Department of Transportation regulations. If the new flight gets you to your destination within one to two hours of the originally scheduled arrival, the airline must pay 200% of the price of the one-way fare, up to a maximum of $675. If you’re delayed to the final destination by more than two hours within the U.S. (or four hours on international flights), the airline must fork over 400% of the one-way fare, maxing out at $1,350.” (http://time.com/money/4733096/overbooked-flight-united-passenger-rights-compensation/) but i know there is more than just money here, i just thought you may find this interesting :)