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    I’ve been reading a PDF on Prussian cavalry during the napoleonic wars and thought I’d share one of the tactics the Prussians used that could be easily applied to Napoleon total war. When attacking a unit with cavalry, the Prussians would attempt to use three units of cavalry in order to flank the unit being attacked. One unit would form a line, with two units in column hidden behind it. The units would charge their opponent, and once the opponent had engaged the cavalry in line, the two other units would rush out from either side of that cavalry unit to engage their opponent’s flanks.

    In the game this can also be done with two units, holding only one in column to attack the flanks. I would recommend using lancers as the line cavalry so as to make full use of the head-on charge. Light or heavy cavalry work best as the flanking force. This tactic is often impossible if your opponent is supported by other units, and therefore is best against isolated units e.g. skirmishers or flanking infantry. Also note that this strategy requires your cavalry to stand directly in front of your opponent, meaning if they are not hidden initially or attacking a unit that is moving or disordered they could take the full force of an enemy volley