• ?TFTFeedback

    I been mainly watching the Huzzy videos (Only played the game myslef like twice cuz, you know). I would like to see 3 things.
    1. Items being more consistent. You should at least get 1 item per npc round (the item itself can be random and the chance of getting more also random).
    2. A tutorial/training mode. When I first started clicked the game…[Read more]

  • ?LoLTeamFightTactics

    I never played Auto chess, but i like the story and art Of LoL. I always wished they released another game or a permanent PvE mode because I can’tstand the toxicity in LoL. This seems to the closest thing I can get, so Ill definitely be trying it out!

  • ?WhatRankAreYouAndWhy

    I stopped playing the game, but when I did play I was placed bronze II after placements. The reason I stopped climbing/playing was the toxicity. I’m a casual player and like Huzzy says casual players shouldn’t play ranked. Unfortunately besides ranked, there’s not much to do. Coop vs Ai got too easy, I wasn’t a Aram person, and normals scared me…[Read more]

  • ?RushToDiamond

    Top: Darius, Kled, or Poppy
    Jungle: Shyvana, or Lee Sin
    Mid: Ahri, Lux, Xerath, or Anvia
    ADC: Tristana, Lucian, Catylin or Ezreal
    Support: Yummi (if she’s out), or Pyke

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    To be honest, I don’t play Ranked so role rank hasn’t really affected me. Despite that, I have seen how so many people don’t like it, and I can understand (no gamer likes needless grinding),so I have a quick suggestion.

    Going by logic and objectivity, they created role rank to supposedly make the climb easier. The problem is, unless your a fill…[Read more]

  • ?IronToDiamond

    I think what you been doing is perfect. I saw your 2017 and your 2018 unranked to diamond so far. Just keep a happy mood, explain what your, why you are doing it, what you could of done better, etc.
    Thanks for the great content, keep the good work.

  • ?HuzzyGamesResearch

    I started watching your content after my horrible experience in placements (the toxicity level is amazing). My goal was to get better at the game before trying ranked again (the other youtuber I watched at the time, nightblue3, was funny but didn’t explain alot). Through your content, specifically U2D, not only did I get better at the game but I…[Read more]

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    I don’t know if this counts but maybe a specific team? (all frelord, star guardians, hook champs etc.

    Or maybe duo something that’s not normally duo like duo top or maybe duo jungle.

  • ?What should I play while levelling up?

    This might be be too troll but play Full AP and/or On-hit Soraka Mid. For Full AP you’ll build ludens, rabbdons and for on-hit nashors, rageblade or mix and match.

    Another is to go Full AP Tristana Bot with electrocute. You’ll max W first, then Q and build rageblade and nashors as first items then go AP items.

    My last suggestion is to go a…[Read more]

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