• hola2001 posted a comment on ?Season10LoL 2 weeks ago


    I like the changes in general, making the map different based on the drake is a cool concept, the only thing that I’m weary of is that double herald won’t help top laners as much as riot intended, it’s just too tanky and the reward for getting it isn’t that great, one thing that I think would be better is something that smite did earlier this year, they introduced a neutral objective that doesn’t attack at all, the team that kills the objective powers up the tower zones so that they give a slight bump to movement speed and increases the mana regeneration of people inside them for 1 minute the objective respawns after 1 minute has passed gaining some protections and hp for every time total it has been taken, it goes away at the 15 minute mark, the only thing is that there really isn’t a place where to por it unless you get completely rid of the herald