• HomelesPenguin posted a comment on ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?! 7 months, 1 week ago

    ?Prime ICON Moments… money grab or fresh content?!

    i think the introduction of prime ICON moments is controversial… prime ICON cards have always represented a legends “prime” era, so why the need for prime ICON “moments”…?

    i am happy that EA are continuously producing new content for fifa 19 (unlike previous years) however i feel this campaign may be a money grab. the chances of packing a regular icon is already so low that i feel these new items will be incredibly expensive to pack (in terms of £ spent) and to purchase on the marketplace.

    another worry i have around the introduction of this new campaign is the timing. why did we not have any information about these cards prior to the release of prime ICON sbc’s? i know EA developers have referenced this issue on twitter and revealed that SBC items (such as my prime ICON Raul) will have a use for future ICON moment SBC’s but i cant help feel that i will be losing out on coins by previously completing a prime ICON SBC…

    overall i am very undecided on this campaign from EA. i am sure i will love the promotion if i ever pack a prime ICON moment card… but this would be very unlikely! it is cool that we have new content, and new h”end game” items. but this is probably a promotion many FUT players will not be able to experience due to the physical (pack weight) and in game (coin value) cost of prim ICON moment items.