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    I started playing fornite in season late season 3. Even though I was on a crappy laptop that ran the game at 25-40 fps. I played for hours everyday. That is how much fun the game was. Fast forward to season 8 i am on a great new pc and can run the game really well but i quit the game the second i could run it well. why? Cause it wasn’t fun anymore. Siphon was gone, and low ground was impossible to play from. Because my frame rate was so low on my lap top i tended to lag a lot, which made playing from high ground hard. So i decided to play from low ground. I spent almost 6 months mastering low ground, when the siphon changes were implemented low ground was amazing cause high ground players had less mats and had to rely on aim and game sense rather than building. With siphon all the time i spent perfecting my aim and game sense were worth it. But then siphon disappeared and for the most part low ground with it. After that stretched res got removed and though i wasn’t playing as much it made me angry that epic would do that to pro players 2 days before a major qualifier. the fact that epic constantly rejected the pro community was infuriating. So by week 6 of season 8 I had fully quit the game. before i get into season 9 i want to mention a few problems that us as the community caused. The first one being that we tend to be a little hypocritical. when deagles one shotted walls and rpgs were broken we complained and complained about it. I was one of the complainers. After the deagle and rpg changes i and the community quickly noticted that in solos especially there was NO counter to hiding in a box, while someone is attacking you. So we complained about turtleing being to op, and we got clingers added back in. We then complained about clingers being op and they got vaulted in 9.00 patch and i have no doubt that since grenades were not changed at all people will start complaining about that to. The second problem that the try hard/competitive community have caused is thinking that the whole revert thing is really big. Its not. When epic said that only ten percent of the community wanted siphon to stay permanently, They were being serious. Fortnite has 250 million registered users about 6-8 million play on a weekly/daily basis. All the revert twitter polls and the revert spam aren’t even close to ten percent in all. Siphon should never have been added for more information on why please watch a video titled why fortnite won’t revert by itsjerian on YouTube. I loved Siphon for obvious reasons, but that does not mean it was good for the game. Finally i get to season 9. The unvaulting of the drum gun is still a mystery and whether or not the voting was rigged is not something i know. In my opinion epic thought that by removing the pump they were doing the casuals, which make up most of their player base, a favor. Epic knew that the pump drum gun combo was insanely OP and was the number 1 sweat loadout. So they removed the pump and now alot of the sweats are quitting. I have never played against more casuals this season than ever. We asked for a pump vault. The constant complaining about getting one pumped, which i am guilty of, is literally and even bigger reason for epic to vault the pump. Drum guns are op, but very necessary in the present meta. fortnite has always had a hard hitting gun it used to be the pump now its the drum gun. Do tommies need a nerf? yes. But not vaulted. Now on to the pit epic has dug themselves into. Ignoring the pro community has never worked in a competitive game. What epic seems to be ignoring is the fact that if the pro player/pro streamers quit the game the casuals will to. But people don’t like complaining and since the comp community is not explaining that their “complaining” is actually constructive criticism, more people are tuning out of streams and just playing the game. Fortnite is in a bad and good place right now. The majority of the comp/tryhard community is infuriated by the recent changes, And the more casual players are probably loving season 9 due to the map changes, weapon reworking, and the less sweaty environment. In all honesty both the community and Epic are at fault for the problems with the game. Epic has dug themselves into a pit and though we don’t know it we as the community are changing the game for better or for worse.