• Hugo Magalhães posted a comment on ?HuzzyGamesResearch 11 months, 2 weeks ago


    I can rarely find Dragon Fruit but i love it!

    Hey Huzzy! Big fan here, i’ve watched you for like 3/4 years now and i can say you helped me going from bronze to Gold 4/3 now :D

    My comment today involves the channel. Would you say you changed your content regarding live commentary? What i mean is a while ago you used to only upload videos on youtube commenting the game and talking about champions, and occasionaly you would post videos talking to twitch chat and said it was casual to relax which i agree with! But it seems you dont post live commentaries only, which i miss because lower rating players like me can use such information.

    Hope i explained myself properly and you take this comment in a good way!
    Merry Christmas!!!

    Keep up the good work!