• Huzzy posted a comment on ?Red Dead Redemption 2 10 months, 3 weeks ago

    ?Red Dead Redemption 2

    What can I say about Red Dead 2… Well I started playing at launch which was just over 24 hours ago and played for the whole time apart from 4 hours of sleep… The game is what I call a generation breaker; every now and then a game gets released that ups the quality of what video games are – it puts pressure on all other developers to follow suit and Red Dead is this game – it does nothing that you don’t expect but everything that it does is the best version of that thing I’ve ever seen in a video game – Horse physics, world quality and immersion, voice acting, weather effects (real mud, snow movements) & more – If you have not played the game and want to know what it’s like, just put your mind into a Bandit Cowboy and that’s the game – there has been nothing I have not been able to do that I’ve thought of. In my roughly 20 hours of game time so far I would easily give it a similar score to other reviews out there. 99/100.