• ?WhatDoesLeagueMeanToYou

    I definitely made friends – actually my best friend included – playing League. Also, it suits my person as a game of a certain complexity, where you need a broad selection of skills to be successful. I had more fun in the past, with less toxic environment, and if I quit i’ll probably quit because of toxicity. Apart of that, league is my sport…[Read more]

  • ?LetsDiscussRoleRanked

    I dislike role ranked with passion. I got my bronze cup icon from season 2 and wear it with pleasure. I’ve been playing ranked since, always going from a position to another. “I’m sick of sup…let’s play a bit of top”… “Man, it’s time to spam Brand…”. Whatever direction I point my game, i know that it’ll affect my ranking. With role ranked…[Read more]

  • ?2 Videos a Day

    Two videos a day, for me, is great.. but like someone said earlier: one of them being Climb to Master is perfect. Dont get me wrong, U2D got me in your channel but I feel the “educational” being more educational during Climb to Master (at least for me, a plat player)

  • ?What do you want in S7 Unranked to Diamond

    Hi there Huzzy! I’m platinum – a main support – and your channel help me a lot! I would like to see more support content (ok, i know, your less favorite role)…i’m not asking a lot more (Support to Master, maybe? kidding)..just a bit more, an occasional video on UtD or if you get autofilled in Climb to Master, record the video (you’ll have to…[Read more]

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