• ice_of_victory13 posted a comment on ?LoLPreSeason2020 1 month ago


    Overall, I’m really excited about all of the changes, especially the changes to the rift. I can’t wait to see how those changes affect certain champions and how people adapt to them.

    One thing I’m still a little confused about though is when the elder dragon is going to spawn. At the bottom of the Elemental Buffs and Dragon Souls section, it says that “Once one team has claimed a Dragon Soul, it becomes the Elder Dragon’s turn to defend the pit—this means only one team can have a Dragon Soul.” Does that mean the elder dragon no longer spawns after 35 minutes, and instead only spawns once one team has killed 4 dragons? Or does it still spawn at 35 minutes, and if no team has killed a 4th dragon, no one gets a dragon soul buff?