• illusioNNy posted a comment on ?LoLTeamFightTactics 2 weeks ago


    When Dota2 autochess was revealed I was quite excited, played it a lot in the beginning, was kinda good at it but the reason why is that the average player was bad also, thats where it changed for me, to be “good” or to enjoy the game you have to play it alot to learn which mechanics are good and which work well together, because of this the casual player who just wants to chill will most likely get destroyed as the game goes on, but dota didnt have a matchmaking system where they matched people with similar skill, it was all random. I hope league creates a legit system where they match new people va new people and so on. Also the dota2 game was laggy in the later parts of the game which was quite annoying, hoping that league doesn’t have that.
    All in all, I’m excited for a new mode, something fresh to play for example when I dont want to soloq or tryhard, and I will surely check it out when its released.