• InsightsOsborne posted a comment on ?Why Social Data 10 months, 1 week ago

    ?Why Social Data

    I believe Social Intelligence is certainly an approach every insight function should have in it’s toolkit, it’s not suitable for everything and that’s fine as no single methodology can do it all.

    Most insight functions will be apt at making use of different market research methodologies, it’s a case of understanding where SI can add value and where it doesn’t.

    And it’s the above which can be a challenge/barrier, researchers ain’t always clear on where SI fits or how it can work in unison other methodologies (to form a mixed mode approach). In my experience, many will have tried it and/or used a platform that hasn’t delivered what they expected and they’ve felt a bit stung, SI is often dismissed/looked down upon after such experiences (understandably so).

    To better understand where SI can fit you do need access to some form of expertise, either internally or externally, personally I think this expertise needs to be grounded in market research, someone who understands the different methodologies and their pros and cons as well as understanding SI specifically.

    I work in SI only but I’ve worked in research for a long time, after years of working with social data I am not afraid to say – ‘no it’s not going to work for that brief’, equally I’ll shout and say, hey social data will be great here when I think it’s right.