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    “We are the moisture packets manufacturer to keep your things fresh and humidity-free. Interteck Packaging is focused on desiccant design and manufacturing. Our moisture packets for food are safe and secure and used to remove moisture from food.

    Interteck Packaging is a leading producer of Silica Gel Packets and absorbs gas, moisture vapor from food. Our moisture packets of Silica gel can stop mold from growing and prevent moisture damage and spoilage.

    Our Silica Gel Packets regulate the product environment with salt-free technology that absorbs the right amount of moisture. Whether your products are condensed or humid, or you arrive from some cold place: Our Moisture Packets are the one-stop solution for your needs.

    Interteck Packaging gives you a moist-free environment and keeps all your products fresh – from documents to glass – everything gets moisture-free with Silica Gel packets.

    Moisture Packets for Food | Integra Boost Packs Integra Boost is the 2 way packets that are an easy and effective way to perfectly regulate the humidity level within your smoking product’s container.