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    I’m a very new player relative to the age of the game, but reworks seem to me to be not only a healthy part of the upkeep of League but a necessary one. As the meta invariably shifts due to the constant changes that are necessary to keep the game balanced around all the various levels of play, certain champions will need to be completely overhauled in order to remain in the game. This can happen for a plethora of reasons: the champion might be unusably bad except in very specific situations/skill tiers (i.e. pre-rework Morde, pre- and maybe post-rework Pantheon, Nocturne, Shyvana), the champion might be very meta specific meaning they are either impossibly strong or ludicrously bad (Volibear, Lissandra, , Master Yi) or they might be always ridiculously overpowered due to how easy they are to pull off since they hail from a bygone age of a League with a lower skill ceiling (Garen, Teemo, Tryndamere). The last type of champ are actually the ones that bother me the most, because they make playing more difficult champions who can potentially have higher rewards a chore. Playing Aatrox into any one of these champs is a nightmare because he requires so much practice to get right, and even if you’re doing well Garen basically out trades you the entire laning phase by mashing buttons while you’re trying to land skillshots. Because of this, I’m almost always for raising the skill floor of reworked champs unless their potential gain is lowered because right now, at least for me, there are champions like Garen, Teemo or Tryndamere who are a nightmare to play against early-to-midgame unless you outplay/specifically counterpick them, but who have the potential to scale almost as well and carry almost as hard as the difficult champ you’re playing (i.e. Aatrox, Irelia, Katarina).